One of the most beautiful songs in the world!!

I was a little girl

Alone in my little world

Who dreamed of a little home for me

I played pretend between the trees

And fed my houseguests bark and leaves

And laughed in my pretty bed of green


I had a dream

That I could fly

From the highest swing

I had a dream


Long walks in the dark

Through woods grown behind the park

I asked God who I'm supposed to be

The stars smiled down at me

God answered in silent reverie

I said a prayer and fell asleep


I had a dream

That I could fly

From the highest tree

I had a dream




Now I'm old and feeling gray

I don't know what's left to say

About this life I'm willing to leave

I lived it full, I lived it well

As many tales I live to tell

I'm ready now, I'm ready now

I'm ready now

To fly from the highest wing

I had a dream

Postat av: Emelie

Tack Johanna för en söt liten blogg som har peppat mig massor (:

jag älskar denna låt-text och undrar vem det är som sjunger den och vad låten heter (:

Puss o kram från Emelie

2010-12-03 @ 20:31:28

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